It took Taliana a long time to properly tether the threads, she just hoped she’d done it correctly.
By the time she was done the man in the cloak was long out of sight. Thankfully his thread still lead the way.
Another door, simple and unassuming wood, caught her eye. The man had not entered it, and no one had passed through it yet, but….
Taliana looked closer, yes… Something was happening here, and the cloaked man had done something. She want quite sure what… Why hadn’t these things happened when her mother was around to provide guidance?
Taliana puzzled for a moment at the door, with an increasing concern about the man in the cloak. If she knew what he was up to, she would have a better idea of what needed to be done here. For now… She wove a simple ward, something to help protect the balance, and to give her a warning if more needed to be done. Hopefully that would serve for now.

Thoughts by Mello-Elo

Fragrant scents of Jasmine overpowered the cool evening breeze, sending the heady perfume through the sinewed trunks of the ancient trees silently watching my fumbled footsteps in their forest home. My shoes were not made for the uneven ground and I stumbled yet again on an unseen root sticking out from the slick moss covered path.

At last, a glimmer of light twinkled in the distance. The forest held its breath as I weaved through to my final destination, Grandmother Tree. Her wide, gnarled trunk hid a secret passage to the other realms, an escape from the world I existed in everyday. The light grew brighter as I stumbled over yet another hidden root, nearly ripping the long cloak I wore to protect the soft silk gown draped over my cold skin in soft fluted layers, perfect for the Masquerade ball.

A twig snapped behind me and I stopped…

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