Short Story: The Masquerade Ball Pursuit

As Taliana is so focused on finding her green cloaked man, there are things happening at the Masque that she doesn’t see. Such as James, following her as she manages the threads.

Allison Maruska

Welcome to Part 2 of what is becoming a multi-part series of stories for Electicali’s Masquerade Ball blog party. Click here to read Part 1, if you missed it.

The Pursuit


James followed Taliana back into the foyer. She moved quickly, almost jogging, the click of her heels echoing through the space. She seemed to hold her hands slightly above her, working her fingers like she was working out knots, but there was nothing there.

He’d heard of these old mansions harboring ghosts. Maybe a few of those tales were true.

Taliana slowed as she approached a red door, but James kept his distance, not wanting her to know he’d followed her. He’d already embarrassed himself when he laughed at Rose instead of kissing her hand. He didn’t need Taliana to think he was stalking her.

She worked the invisible threads all the way to the closed door. “Green, green,” she…

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