Spooktoberfest for the Masquerade Ball

Had James really chuckled when poor Rose offered get hand? Taliana suppressed a laugh of her own, she had certainly been the source of such breeches if conduct in the part. Why just a few weeks back she’d…..
Taliana shook her head, looking over the threads, making a few quick adjustments as she continued in pursuit of the green one. The words of the fortune teller (visited during the aforementioned breech of conduct) echoing through her mind. “Your destiny will aside swathed in green.” Vague words of a fraud, Taliana knew that. And yet….
The thread led her to a deep red door, a door that sent a chill up her spine. She could already see the threads knotting up by it, and…. Yes, that was the green thread exiting the door again. But these knots…. She couldn’t make sense of them, not until she saw what was behind the door….

Behind the Sixth Door

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