The Ball Continues: An Unexpected Guest

Taliana eyed the door she had just left curiously. Something about that last room had been odd, as though the woman hosting the coffee-party knew something more than she was letting on. The threads were especially tangled, in strange knots she had never seen before, and it took a few minutes to figure out how to even start in the untangling. By the time she had completed things, gotten the weaving back into proper order, it took some time to rediscover the green thread.
It wound through the hallway to another door. She thought she recognized the threads of the Author she had encountered before, but then there were others that seemed to weave out of the room. Interesting. Opening this door she prepared herself to once again gain a sense of weightlessness, to be pulled full force into the room, or rooms, to which she might be about to enter.

Raevenly Writes

If you’re just now tuning in, you’ve got a little catching up to do! For a proper introduction to EclecticMasque, check out Ali’s home post. For the first entry in my adventures with the Masquerade, start here.  But before we get back to me, a little side trip to check in on my favorite writing partner, Cait…

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