If We Were Having Coffee (#11): Masquerade Ball Edition!

It was always interesting, to be sure.  Taliana remembered when she was younger and would often stumble on conversations like this.  Sometimes it would be when she was running in and out of rooms at the party, or really at any of the events that her parents held.  Reflections, sermons, and lectures on a whole variety of topics, from all sorts of viewpoints, would fill the rooms.  Her favorites were the professors of history and theology  that her father brought in.

“Academics always exist in worlds of their own,” He would explain with a smile, “It simply makes it more fun, when they are literally from different worlds.”

Her mother always complained about how such intentional mixing of the worlds was problematic, but Taliana noticed that she always quietly managed to untangle any mess that was made.  So it was with relative ease, and the knowledge that it would make her work in the future easier, that she straightened the weaving.

She looked around, trying to figure out where the man in the green cloak had vanished to.  The thread leads to a new door,  blue, and a little hard to open.


If We Were Having Coffee….

We can  settle into the living room with our steaming cups of coffee.  I’m definitely getting a late start today, but it’s been a crazy week and I had a late night.

Small group conversations are more my speed than grand masque balls — at least, outside of the virtual world (love big parties in the virtual world though!).  It’s nice to have this chance to sit down for a chat, with friends old and new.  How are your weeks going?  What have been the highlights?  Are you a big-party person, a small-party person, or something in between?  Do you have any plans for the Masque?

It was a kind of crazy week this week, but it ended on a good note.  I won’t get into the craziness, it was just one of those weeks when everything at work conspired to be hectic and challenging.  Technology, especially, liked being difficult.  At the moment I have very little time outside of work because of my commute.

But Saturday!  I worked in the morning, but then got convinced/convinced myself to head out with friends.  We were experiencing some serious winds, and downpours on and off, but there had been plans to go to a Haunted Maize, and… it was worth a shot.  In a small comedy of errors one friend of mine and I managed to get to TWO wrong pumpkin patches, at which point we decided it was probably best to just go to the location of the “after-party.”   We did get some great pictures of the skies as night and the storm swirled in.

A panorama of the skies above the corn-maze
A panorama of the skies above the corn-maze

Fondue, drinks, lots of laughter, and conversations about all sorts of topics with friends I’ve known most of my life.  It was a great time, and we were some of the last people out of the restaurant (the staff was very friendly and nice, but since we’ve all worked in customer service-related we all felt bad about being the last ones in the restaurant side of the place) and then we continued to talk more outside as the occasional downpour passed through.

It’s great to have such great friends, who continuously drag me out of the house, and be happy with me in whatever state I’m in.  I don’t have to be on to be able to hang out with them and have a good time.

But now I really need to get moving on work — I’m so far behind on the writing I need to have done before November that it’s not funny — and it’s time for Taliana to continue on her journey.   There is that mysterious man with the green cloak for her to find… worlds to visit, and threads to untangle.






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