If We Were Having Coffee… (#10)

Work-day coffee once again, why not?

Thanks for joining me for a brief respite from a somewhat crazy day.  Computer problems, in an office where we depend heavily on access to email and data-bases in order to serve our students, makes for chaos.    Having the only functioning computer in the office due to a glitch that has me on a different system at the moment makes for busy chaos.

It’s been a good week, and a good weekend.  I spent the week trying to get settled into a new routine, thanks to relocating myself all to one location (no more splitting my life between two sides of town, but it does mean I am cramming my life into a small room until an apartment opens up… ah, wait-lists…. But at least the studio’s I’m looking at will seem luxuriously gigantic in comparison 🙂

I spent yesterday going to the coast with a friend.   It’s always fun to have friends in town that aren’t from the area, it means I get the chance to explore area’s that I have overlooked.  Yesterday took us to Astoria, too late to get to the museum that we planned to go to, but we were able to wander the water-front, and I got some water-side writing time, which I always love.

I’d tell you that I’m feeling a little chaotic at home too.  My internet hasn’t been working very well, and so I’ve really NOT had access from home.  Setting up blog updates has been a headache, and keeping up with other people’s blogs or social media has been limited largely to what I can do on my phone while commuting.  I’m working on the issue, and REALLY hope that it will be resolved by next week.  Otherwise I will have to figure something out because the Masquerade Ball happens next week!  I’m so excited about this!  I have an “opening” post that I’ll be putting up Friday night (the 24th).  If you participate please link back to that post from within your post  — that way I can find them, and will be re-blogging (as well as creating a pinterest board, and doing some link-posts).  It’s going to be some craziness (especially if I am internet-less), but it will be such fun!

How are things for you?  I’m afraid I’m having a hard time shaking the frantic-crazy of the morning (especially knowing that I will be plunging back into it shortly)…. but tell me a bit about how you’ve been doing first 🙂




3 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… (#10)

  1. I am soooo glad you have these- once again, I managed to forget about “writing homework”. I have a whole glorious afternoon to myself and nothing pressing to be working on, and now, I have plans to work on my ball post! 😀


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