If We Were Having Coffee (#9) Midweek Edition!

Oh, I am so happy for the way the timing of the coffee chat worked out this week!  I’d been planning on having mid-week coffee because of the Stage to Screen Blog Fest that’s coming up  this weekend, but then I ended up being a bit unable to post this previous weekend as well.

So, let’s grab some coffee during a break today.  I’m going to enjoy one of these awesome creations from my local coffee- cart… I am a bit addicted to them I think.  But I love that they know me, and I can visit with them in the morning, and that they know my default go-to’s, but also are happy to make me something when I simply say: “I want something caffeinated and yummy.”

If we were having coffee I’d tell you all about the crazy-weekend.  I relocated (so all of my stuff is in one location now, instead of two different sides of town), and spent the bulk of the weekend figuring out how to fit everything into the small space.  I’m almost done – it’s a tight fit but I managed it, and am rather proud of myself for the creative solutions I figured out.  It’s been kind of fun to have a game of “furniture, books and clothing Tetris” to play, but I am looking forward to returning to spending my “free” time on my writing.  Other than some hurried editing on Sunday I haven’t been able to work on Disparate Threads writing for about a week!

It also has meant that I haven’t had much time to read other blogs, or comment, or interact on twitter and facebook — thing I enjoy doing and try to keep on top of.  Hopefully I’ll be able to start jumping back in soon, trying to do a bit at a time… it can just get a bit overwhelming when there’s so much to read and so much to do!

Looking forward to the Stage to Screen Blogathon this weekend:  I’ll be writing up a review of Evita, Phantom of the Opera, Rent and a hopes and wishes speculation on Into The Woods (and some general observations of musicals-turned-movies).

I’m also looking forward to the Masquerade Ball that I’ll be hosting October 25th through 31st.  Still hoping that more people will join (and I’m so nervous… you know that feeling when you’re hosting a party but aren’t sure if anyone will show up?  Though Hannah Givens, Allison Maruska, and Patricia Lynne have already said they’ll join in the fun so you know it will be awesome 🙂

Since I’ve been asked to explain a little more… basically it’s a blog-hop/flash-fiction/party/whatever…  The idea is people write something (or create something, could be photography, artwork, a song, anything really) on their blog that week that can tie to the theme of “masquerade ball.”  They let me know that they’ve posted something (tossing the link in the comments section of the page I’ll put up at the start of the week, giving a link-back to that post, sending me an email letting me know they’ve done it.. something like that), and I’ll share the posts, and put together a page with links to all the posts.  In my mind this has taken the form of a huge party, where in one room you may encounter vampires and ghosts, while another room might have elaborate costumes and people dancing, while somewhere else could be something completely different.  I want people to play with it and to have fun!  I also invite those who may not have a blog (or have a blog but a post like this wouldn’t fit into their blog) to write something that I can post here.  If you’re interested in participating (or want more information, or have specific questions) go ahead and fill out the contact form later so we can be in touch!

I’m also gearing up for National Novel Writing Month.  I can’t believe we’re halfway through October… Looking forward to putting most of my other work aside and focusing on the frantic madness of trying to complete a novel in a month.  I have an outline, fairly well-developed characters (it’s a story I started working on a few years ago) and high hopes!

What are you up to these days?  Enjoying the start of fall (for those of us in the part of the world where fall is starting…).  As we roll along into the holiday season are things gearing up for you, or starting to settle?  Are you participating in NaNo?


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