On the importance of romance novels

I don’t write romance myself, but agree SO much with this. There is so much power in the stories we tell, no matter what genre, and romance and erotica has the power to reach so many.

Heeding the Muse

Something I’ve heard a lot from various authors who write “genre” fiction is the idea that they aren’t doing anything important. That their books don’t change the world. I’ll tell you the truth, when my favorite authors make the switch to writing fiction that’s “important,” I tend not to follow them. I read stories. And I find stories to be incredibly important.

In our current culture, the Madonna/Whore dichotomy continues to thrive. Walking this morning, I heard a man blasting music from his truck. I heard a lyric about “She’s not Cinderella as she gets undressed / cuz she rocks it like a naughty Wicked Witch of the West,” and wondered (not for the first time) why she couldn’t be both. Every actress who has thrived on Disney, from Annette to Miley, has taken control of her world by claiming her sexuality publicly, causing criticism about “what happened to that…

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2 thoughts on “On the importance of romance novels”

  1. I personally am not that good at writing romance. I mean my stories can have it, but you won’t be able to categorize it as under romance. It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s just something that I think I’m not good at. Or maybe it’s also because my interests are more on other genres at it shows in what I write. I do read romantic stuff once in a while 🙂


  2. Yes! I think I’ve mentioned a bunch of times now that I got into the romance genre over the summer… There are a lot of tropes I don’t like, but most of my negative impressions were from the 70s, and even those novels (which now look super-sexist and problematic) were empowering at the time.


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