Celebrate the Small Things (9)

Yup.. Celebrate the Small Things Friday is here!


Hosted by VikLit, this is a blog-hop where we celebrate those little things during the week.  Given that my weekend plans have once again shifted (because, that’s what they do these days), and because of some of these shifting plans I’m not sure that I’ll get a “coffee” post up this weekend (and now that I’ve said that, I probably will, it all depends on my ability to get a computer space set up), I decided I should at least do this today.

My small things to celebrate this week:

Really great friends.  Like, seriously excellent friends.  I love you guys.

Being able to help a friend in need (I know I’m probably not as excited as she is but, I’m pretty thrilled that I was able to lend a hand).

Excellent co-workers and a work environment I enjoy going to every day (even if I don’t enjoy the time I have to wake up to get there).

Slowly getting ready for the Masque, which should be fun — I don’t have a LOT of people signed up yet, but have a few and am hoping more will participate.  It could be such a fun time!

Good books, the arrival of fall weather, and health insurance.



2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things (9)”

  1. I’m signed up for the masque, and I still have no freaking clue what that means! 🙂 You’ll have to hold my hand. Sorry.
    I’m thankful that I was able to help a fifth grader understand a math concept he was totally stumped by and had been for years – it was a second grade skill. He’d all but given up, but once I got him to trust me, we worked through it enough for him to be excited about it. He asked me for extra problems to solve before I had to go to another class. So that’s my shining moment for the week. 🙂


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