If We Were Having Coffee (8)

Let’s have coffee at my place today.  I just spent yesterday doing all that detail-type cleaning that is easy to overlook when you aren’t having anyone over, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping the corners, things like that — so it’s nice and clean.  And I have some leftover homemade (baked) applesauce to share as well!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that once again my weekend got taken over by unexpected plans.  Honestly, I’m not complaining, but now I’m really going to need to work on being focused on my writing because I have a feeling weekends between now and the end of January are going to be more and more like this, filling up with unexpected gatherings and things to do.

The remains….

I got to get together with a college friend whose been working out here for the summer, probably one of the last times we’ll get to hang out before her gig here is up.  We lucked into an immediate parking space, downtown, on a Friday, so decided we probably should just wander around and find somewhere to eat.  It was fun to walk around the city — another reminder that I don’t do that nearly enough.  Conveyor-belt-sushi ended up being the dinner of choice this week — she’d never had the experience of being able to select the sushi you wanted based just on what looked good as it moved around the bar.  The downside, it ALWAYS leads to over-eating… we were both SO full when we left there.  But the night was not done!  There was a random brass-band to listen to, coffee to be had, before she had to start the long drive back to work.

Friday afternoon a high-school friend had mentioned that she’d be in town on Saturday, and was looking to hang out with people.  In what we decided was probably record-time a party was organized, and I was hosting.  Wine, desserts, cheese, apples, hot-tub and lots of visiting, it ended up being a great evening!

If we were having coffee I’d also be bouncing about my new toy.  A really cool toy.  One that used to belong to my great-grandfather (we think that’s whose it was at least).  20141004_142806I did a little bit of research to discover it is from the late 1930s. (They have a cool little history page, which helped me identify this is a post-merger, interwar-period office machine…)I ordered new ribbons and then decided to see if the ones in it still worked and…they do!  So some of my writing today may be on this beauty!  I’ve always found that my writing is different, and the ideas flow differently when I work in a different medium, so it’ll be fun to have a typewriter to work with again!

How has your week been?


7 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (8)”

    1. I know!! I’m so excited!
      Got an entire page of character writing a letter to her deceased husband (which will never end up in the story, but good for sorting thoughts) and the ribbon ran out…so now I have to wait to have more fun on it.


    2. Like your typewriter. I have an old one too, but its keys stick and I never found it easy to type on. I think mine is a bit older than yours, though. Sounds like you had a great weekend!


      1. I think I need to do some detailing on it, but the keys are nice and smooth. Might find somewhere to take it in for a “tune-up” but it typed very nicely today (until the ribbon ran out, but I have a new one coming later this week!) 🙂


    1. That is so great! Congratulations on getting the WIP to the beta reader, and to being so nicely ahead of the game to prepare for NaNo!
      I’m HOPING that I can be ready for NaNo by the end of this month… seems like there is so much to do, but I figure that perhaps the practice of buckling down to get it ready will help me actually achieve my NaNo goals.

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