Celebrate the Small Things (8)

This is a weekly blog-hop, hosted by VikLit where we celebrate the small things!


I’ve been trying to participate as I can…and last time I did it helped improve my mood immensely (though I’m in a pretty good mood to start with today, which is nice),  so here I go:

I’m celebrating that I get to have dinner with a good friend of mine again tonight – yay!  Savoring every change I get to hang out with her before she ventures back East-Coast-wards later this fall.  Silly semi-nomadic lifestyle…

I’m celebrating the fact that I have a weekend at home.  No special work days, no obligations, I can happily curl up with a book and do NOTHING.  Also, I have more than a few books that I’m ready to curl up with 🙂

Well, except that NOTHING is actually going to include some much-needed laundry, and writing.  I desperately want to get ahead more in Disparate Threads, so I have to work on that, plus I need to get a couple of reviews and posts put together for this blog.  But it’s great to have the time to do so (and four of those posts are for the Stage To Screen blogathon, which means re-watching a few old-favorite musical-movies)!

I’m also celebrating the arrival of some new reading material, thanks to Raeven.  I’ve told myself I have to get a few more Disparate scenes figured out before I can start reading and responding to her work so.. motivation 🙂

Oh! And I’m celebrating that it’s finally cool enough again that I can enjoy the hot-tub where I’m staying right now.  Such an awesome luxury!

What are you celebrating today?


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