Where to Find Strong Female Characters

Where do you see Strong Female Characters?

Hannah Reads Books

We Are All Wonder WomenPrints available on Etsy.

I don’t always like to lump things together based on a trait like “being about a woman.” However, after a Ms. Marvel post a while back, I got to looking at my bookshelves. I realized that even with all my ranting, I don’t necessarily have all that many items that are about women. So, I looked through my lists of favorite things and put together a list of the ones about a woman or women. Sometimes it’s fun to check out a list of things based on one factor and see how they compare and contrast, so I’ve put together lists of movies, comics, TV shows, and books I can recommend, and I’ll be posting one a day starting tomorrow. These aren’t feminist movies and books, or stories with “lessons” I’m approving… This isn’t even as comprehensive a list of my favorite things as I’d like. These…

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