Banning, Books and Community, Oh my!


I counted this week as the start of “The Season,”  and I think it was a great start!  A week of MANY posts about banned books and censorship and just general connections!

Thanks to everyone who wrote insightful posts, and shared their reflections and memories!

Hannah over at Things Matter hosted the Banned Book Blogparty, and Sheila at BookJourney hosted Celebrate the Banned.  I’ve tried to re-blog as many posts as I could, and put together a Pinterest Board with more.

I also wrote a few of my own reflections (more than a few?), including a longer post about To Kill a Mockingbird.  And, unintentionally, I finished the week off with reading another Banned Book.  A coworker lent me “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” yesterday and between some time in the morning, one the bus, and before bed, I ended up reading it all the way through.  Good book!  One of those books that caught me a bit by surprise, and one that I, clearly, couldn’t put down.

The Season Continues!

Next week Hannah will be doing an informal “Strong Female Characters Week.”  I’ll try to share what I can from her posts, and encourage everyone to check out what she has to say, as well as sharing your own reflections and thoughts (and favorites) for Strong Female Characters!  I’m looking forward to it!

This week will also see a post about the events coming up in October — I’m looking forward to the Masquerade Ball at the end of the month, and hoping that many of you will be up to participating!

It’s also the start of a new month, so I’ll have my Insecure Writers Support Group post on Wednesday!  I’m also setting some writing goals for myself for October… which includes getting a bunch of writing done before October…so I’d better start putting this last day of the weekend to use!


What do you think?

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