Celebrate the Small Things – Banned Book Week Edition

It’s been a rough kinda week, the kind of week when I really really need to take a moment to Celebrate the Small Things (a weekly bloghop hosted by VikLit and others).

This week:

I celebrate the fact that I have been given access to so many great books, that I can’t recall anyone telling me I wasn’t allowed to read a book I wanted (and the fact that telling me I can’t do something, unless I understand a good reason behind it, will likely cause me to try even harder to do just that).

I celebrate the amazing posts I’ve seen around the blogosphere about books that have been banned or challenged, and how influential a good book can be on someone — the lasting impact many of these stories have had is awesome.

I celebrate good coffee, good friends, and the return of the Oregon rain (which I love.  Perfect weather for a light sweater and light scarf, the refreshing scent of rain and the beauty of the clouds).

What small things do you celebrate today?

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