If We Were Having Coffee (6)

Coffee time.  I’m a bit bedraggled this morning, don’t mind the blurry eyes and yawning.  Last night I made some frustrating discoveries, but nothing can be done about them until Monday.  Monday lunch-break on the phone trying to iron things out is not what I want to do, and though I can’t do anything about it until Monday, I wasn’t able to sleep well last night.  Well, once I got to sleep… decided to push through some editing first, and got to remember how much I love one of the upcoming characters in Disparate Threads.  I know parents aren’t supposed to have favorite children, but are authors allowed to have favorite characters… because I certainly do.

It wasn’t really a bad week, other than a few “eyebrow-raised” moments at some people who passed through the office.  The school year is starting up soon, so we are seeing a lot of lost people looking for admissions or advising.  How they find their way to our office when the people who are supposed to be there can’t seem to ever discover where we are is beyond me.

Outside of work, I decided to host a social “Season” on the blogs — you should take a look at it and host an event!  The more people who participate, the more fun it will be!

I got to go out on Friday night with a friend who I only get to see sporadically because of work-schedules and distance.  She texted me fairly randomly from the airport (I knew she’d been away, but I didn’t know if she was going to be back in the area any time soon) and we were able to meet up for dinner.  Somewhere, in the grand wisdom of the end of the workday, I thought it would be a good idea to meet at Powell’s.  She doesn’t know the area really well and had to drive from the airport in rush-hour traffic, and I knew I could happily kill some time there while I waited.


Yeah… while “Lets meet at Powell’s” is always awesome… it is also always a challenge.  Especially for someone who has been working hard to avoid book-stores because books cost money and take up space (two things I don’t have a lot of just now).  Oh, so much fun that hour I was roaming the store.  I roamed, I took books from shelves and put them in my basket, I roamed more… I took lots of pictures of books to remember for later.  It was fun to step in the Fantasy section, and find books I liked.  And then to the literature section, where there were books I liked.  And the YA, and the children’s, and the religion, and the history, and the travel, and… and… and… So many books…  *happy sigh*

See, I was very good.  I didn't get very many - and only one that was over $6.
See, I was very good. I didn’t get very many – and only one that was over $6.

It was a fun evening, good to visit with my friend again, and to wander around Downtown a bit  — I don’t do that nearly enough.  Must start making more time to do that — it’ll be good for me and I do love this city.

Yesterday started with doing some beta-reading on a story that gets me very excited about the finished product, and the next book.  Spent a lot of the morning chatting with the author, talking about writing, and crazy characters, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Then I got to visit with another friend for a few hours — good to catch up, good to laugh.

I even got a little writing done.  Nowhere near my whole to-do list but… I got some writing done!  And today, today will result in more writing — I’m determined.

So, that’s about it for me — how about you?


2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (6)”

  1. Oh, Powell’s… (sigh)

    My weekend was not spent quite the way I’d imagined. I did some napping, some cleaning, and I’d planned to edit, but I forgot to charge the netbook, so that ended up off the table for a few hours. Hours that turned into a lot of time spent doing unproductive things on the other computer, the one that does NOT have a current copy of the manuscript. (If I wasn’t so paranoid, I’d load it onto one of those “cloud” thingies and not have this problem, but…)

    I made soup. Well, I made something that was supposed to be soup, but ended up being more “glop” like than soupish. Beans and rice, corn and onions, tomatoes and spices. It tastes fine, but there is nothing soupy about it. Hey, it’s only my second time playing with dried beans, so I can’t complain. Besides, it was the rice that took up all the room in the pot.

    Editing is going to happen today. The “baby beast” is all charged up and ready to roll. I’ll have the place to myself for a few hours, which means I’ll be able to get some stuff done with only the cats and bird to interrupt me. At least that’s my plan, but considering I stayed up way too late last night, I may end up with another nap attack.


    1. Ah, “glop”! I’ve made that myself… often due to some sort of crock-pot mishap…
      I cart my WIP around on a thumbdrive, because my wrists and elbows don’t like me working on a non-ergonomic keyboard, but I have no other option for working on it during my commute or my lunch-break. The one thing I have to do is try to remember to copy it onto the computer and the netbook when I’m on them so that a thumbdrive break doesn’t spell disaster. I toss it on the cloud too (using Dropbox, I feel pretty okay with DropBox) but that does me little good when I have no internet connection!
      Happy editing!!


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