A Peek Into my Writing Life

Stephanie, over at Twenty-Something Travel, invited me to participate in the Writing Blog Hop.  What fun!

I love the opportunity to explore questions about my writing style and process.  It’s fun to share them, and to hear what other people have to say in response to the questions, but it’s also good for me.  Forcing me to think about what the answers are, and to re-evaluate my process.

1) What am I working on/writing?

I am currently trying (emphasis on trying) to get ahead of the game in both this blog and Disparate Threads.  Because I would really like to be able to start diversifying a bit.  I have a novel (or…five….) that are clamoring for my attention.  I’ve been starting to move into some good habits around my writing, which should serve to get me far enough ahead of things that I can start putting aside time to work on my other writing.  By the end of 2014 I would like to have a good start on some novel-drafting, a buffer for Disparate Threads, and have at least explored if I want to put more energy into non-fiction, poetry and reflection, or short stories.  Mostly I am writing fantasy-fiction, and reflections on writing, but I also hope to do some more personal-reflection, theological, and historical based works in the future.

2) How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

I’m… not sure.  I mean, really, most fantasy stories are about world-building, creating characters in situations that are fantastical but still can connect to our everyday experiences.  I take a fair amount of pride in generally writing accessibly, even in the academic writing I want people to be able to read what I have to say without being bogged down in pretension.   I’ve been told that my blogging style reads a lot like emails from friends, which I like the idea of and think that is certainly a part of my voice, which I (hope) comes through in my fiction writing as well.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Because I feel driven to write it.  I love the ways that I can play with things in fantasy — I enjoy creating worlds, cultures and societies, and more often than not the characters that speak to me are not ones that exist in this world.
I also reflect (like, a lot) on things in the world around me — which is part of why I blog.   I want to reach out with my ideas and reflections, to engage others with them, and to express myself through the medium that has worked best for me – writing.

4) How does my writing process work?

It depends on the kind of writing, honestly.  I have written fiction, poetry, academic, sermons, prayers, personal reflections, articles… and all I approach a little differently.  Some commonalities, though, are that I always do research of some form.  I jot my thoughts down wherever I can find, and try to push myself to write at least a draft – no matter how bad it may be or how little of it I end up using.  That draft can provide great seeds for the finished work.
I also do a fair amount of procrastinating (usually in the form of pretending that it’s useful research)… uhm, rather, I give myself the space to let my thoughts incubate to better take form…yes, that’s what I mean.

A little about Stephanie, who tagged me for this:

Steph-Yoder-320x234Stephanie Yoder is a girl who can’t sit still. For the past decade she has been busy either traveling, planning to travel or writing about travel. She has lived on four continents, everywhere from London to Xi’an China and has traveled through dozens more countries.  In addition to freelance work for a variety of travel companies including RoamRight, TripIt and Trivago, Stephanie writes about her own adventures on her blog Twenty-Something Travel.

And  the three I am tagging (I feel the urge to yell “Tag!  You’re it!”)  I love that, when I asked for pictures I got a coffee, cat and person.  Pretty fitting.

raevenlywrites_1400121934_4Raevenly Write, aspring writer, avid reader, excessive rambler and lover of good food. Lives in Eastern Kentucky with her girlfriend and three cats, two rabbits, and a head full of fellow crazies she affectionally calls characters.  Her blog, Raevenly Writes is a writing blog, and an adventure blog.  Here, you’ll find tips and tricks collected from around the Internet, as well as her own thoughts on blogging and self-publishing, snippets of the fiction she’s working on, from sketches and character bios, to world/character building techniques used, as well as actual excerpts and outtake scenes from the Asylum and other stories in the Asylum/Havenverse.

001Joshua Davis (blog username likestrek) is author of the published spy thrillers Winter Storm and the sequel Spring Thaw which are available in paperback and Kindle formats.  (Winter Storm is also on the Nook.) His blog, The New Musings of a Quiet Geek, is pretty much what the title implies: a dumping ground for his musings sometimes political but mostly pop culture trivia. He lives in Portland, Maine with his cat, Amos.

erica12Erica L. Bartlett is, among other things, a writer, facilitator for the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating program, and certified health coach. She keeps a weekly blog post  about weight and food issues, has had blog posts published on www.AmIHungry.com, and submits the occasional Letter to the Editor to the Portland Press Herald. When she’s not writing, she enjoys many other activities, including reading, cooking, walking, hiking, traveling, volunteering and visiting with family and friends.

3 thoughts on “A Peek Into my Writing Life

  1. This page has been on my computer for days but it is only now I got to read the whole thing, he he…Hey, thanks for the FOLLOW and LIKE. I sure am going to check out your posts! You sound like a truly interesting individual 🙂


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