Celebrate the Small Things… so necessary! (6)

So… this morning.
As I pried myself out of bed and tumbled into the shower I grumbled about how it was still dark outside.  And how, though the Northern Lights may well be visible from where I live tonight, it would mean staying up later than I may be able to stay awake.  Why do all the cool things happen when I need to be sleeping?

As I made breakfast I grumbled about the fact that construction near my normal bus-stop means I will have to do more walking and have a far less convenient time grabbing groceries I need on my way home tonight.

As I got off the bus, I grumbled in my head a sarcastic apology to the guy sitting next to me who seemed greatly inconvenienced by the fact that he had to pull his face away from his phone to stand up in order for me to get off at my stop.

As I waited in line at my coffee cart, I grumbled in my head about the high-schoolers who were spending far too long figuring out what they wanted to order — and how the other coffee place I like is now going to be replaced by a Starbucks, and how long the lines are at everything now that school is back in session.  And how it’s theoretically fall (I mean, school is back in session, and the leaves are falling from the trees) but it’s still hot outside and I can’t wear sweatshirts to work anyhow.  And….

It was about then that I decided that today I seem to be caught somewhere between being a crotchety old person and a three-year-old desperately in need of a nap,

Perhaps time to step back and participate in one of those weekly blog-hops that I enjoy, Celebrate the Small Things.  Hosted by VikLitDiana Wilder, LG Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge, Katie @ TheCyborg Mom, and CaffeMaggieato @ mscoffeehouse.  This is a time to celebrate those little (and sometimes not so little) things in life.


So what can I celebrate today?

Last weekend I got a lot of friend and family time, and this week I’ve gotten to spend my evenings alone, relaxing, reading, and working on wrangling HTML on Disparate Threads to get it to where I want it to be (still in process, but progress is being made).

This week (I think it was this week) my twitter follower count topped 300, and my follower-count on this blog topped 1500.  Yes, they’re just numbers and they don’t necessarily mean much of anything — I’m far more excited about the fact that I actually have people both on Twitter and here that are interacting and conversing, making me feel a bit less like I am just chattering into the void.

Yesterday I got the Liebester Award, and had an awfully fun time answering the questions.

Celebrations!  What are you going to celebrate this week?  If grumpy-ole’ me (seriously, it’s the kind of day my mom would have told me I was allowed a “do-over-day” and sent me back to bed) can find celebrations, I’m sure you can too!


2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things… so necessary! (6)”

  1. Congrats on those follower milestones and I love that you were able to keep such a positive perspective, thinking of Celebrate The Small Things, even as you grumbled through a lot of stuff today lol. Go you! Oh, here’s something else for you to celebrate about, I’m soooo jealous of you living near enough where you could see the Northern Lights! I can only hope of seeing one of those someday!


    1. Thanks 🙂 I think it was more a matter of survival, really..sitting down at my desk, still grumbly, and wondering how I would make it through the day and then remembered..it’s Friday… sometimes I remember small celebrations on Fridays and usually it makes me feel better… perhaps I should try it. (And it did work! Yay!)
      It’s rare to see the northern lights here in Oregon, but because of the solar-storms going on tonight is supposed to be a good viewing time here! I’ve seen them twice before, despite spending about 6 months in Finland never saw them there — but saw them flying into Hartford CT one spring break, and then saw them on my college-campus in Southern VT once. Would be very awesome to add seeing them from Portland OR to the list.. may have to drink coffee so I can stay up late enough!


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