Celebrate the Small Things 5

Friday!  And Friday is a day to Celebrate the Small Stuff.


It’s been a strange little week for me (plan to share more “over coffee” this weekend), but for today….

Three days ago a most excellent and amazing friend of mine challenged me on Facebook to name 3 things I am grateful for, each day for 3 days.   I was a bit grumpy when she challenged me (sorry about that, you know I love you), but it’s been a good little exercise.
Thought those would be good to share for my Small-Things Celebration today (though they are not all terribly small).

Day 1:

1) That I have awesome friends, who drag me out, force me to try new things, and sometimes even convince me to have irresponsible moments. You know who you are, and yes, I am grateful.
2) That I have awesome friends who give me good feedback and support when I do things that are frightening to me. Who encourage me and help me feel okay(ish) when I take risks of various sorts.
3) That I have awesome friends that will call me on it when I am in the wrong in some way (especially in ways that allow me to fix it), because I know that they care enough about me that they can say it like it is — even when I can’t necessarily see it like it is.

Day 2:

1) A job where my strengths are recognized, encouraged and put to use.
2) Living in a city that encourages the arts and tries to provide free opportunities for people to engage with the arts.
3) The well-rounded, and sometimes very diversified, education I have been able to pursue and receive.

Day 3:

1) Healthy days, and that I have learned to listen to my body and know when I have pushed too much and am moving towards having not-so-healthy days so I can take care of myself and prevent a crash.
2) The beauty that surrounds me.  I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by beauty in the places I have lived during my life, natural beauty and man-made beauty.
3) That I am able to provide love and support for my friends.  That I have been able to be someone that they know they can go to when there is trouble in their life, or when they need an ear or shoulder. That, though I may sometimes not hear from someone for a while, may not know the details of everyday life, when something major happens my friends know that I am there for them.  And to know that they are there for me.  To have had the opportunity to create such deep bonds… I am so grateful, every day.


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11 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things 5”

    1. Indeed! It was good to have a friend (did I mention my awesome friends.. I think I may have said something about them.. somewhere) force me to step back and realize these wonderful people and things in my life. I needed it this week!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I got roped into doing the facebook thing too! For some reason, I like taking a weekly inventory of gratitude for the Celebrate Small Things blog hop way better. Sounds like you’re a super friend in return!


    1. I did the first two days on Facebook but… I like rolling into this Blog Hop — it felt a bit different than just posting into the Facebook news-scroll where things get lost.
      I try to be a good friend! When I do get the chance to be a friend, a true and good friend, it helps me feel better — It reminds me that, while I may not have huge amounts of friends to pull together for parties and the like, I have plenty of true and deep friendship — which is truly what matters.


  2. Great celebrations! Awesome friends are definitley a thing to celebrate. Like you, I probably can’t fill a party either with the number of my friends but knowing that you’ll always be there for each other is what matters.


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