If We Were Having Coffee… #1

A lovely feature that Part Time Monster and others do, I’ve decided to have a go.  Because, honestly, I could use some time to sit down and chat over coffee.

Some of the coffee’s I have enjoyed….

If we were having coffee…

First I’d ask how you were doing:  How was your week and weekend?  And the family/pets/projects/whatever is important in your life at the moment?  How has that challenging thing that’s going on in your life been going?  And that awesome thing that you were looking forward to?

Me… well… It’s been a rough few weeks, honestly.  You know those times where things just seem to be slowly snowballing and you feel like it could break loose from your grasp and plummet to the bottom of the hill where it will shatter into a million pieces (after knocking you down and plowing over you, of course)?  Yeah…  I’ve had that kind of feeling.

Not that there is anything in particular that’s pushing that snowball — self-set deadlines, and just a few that have been set by others.  I think it’s that promise of the arrival of fall — the changing seasons always seem to put me in a strange state.  Something about it makes it really easy for everything else to seem so much more of an insurmountable task.  I know it will pass though, so I push through.

The blog?  Yeah, it’s going well.  I continue to be amazed that people are reading what I write, love that I am finding community, and having to remind myself to not compare to others.  Of course, with the snowball-week I’ve had, I haven’t been doing as much social media and outreach as I’d like but… I’m still managing some.

And the story!  Oh, let me tell you about the story… I finally got a grasp (I think) on little Miss Callie… her first story segment went up today.  I don’t think as many people are actually reading that story, or the world-periphery… but I’m learning a lot writing it, and there are at least some reading so… that’s something.

I started rewriting the first segment of the story I hope to turn into a novel by the spring (or sooner if possible), which was really fun.  I kinda adore the MC on that one, and she’s pretty amiable, so it’s a nice shift.

Oh, and the family… Grandma moves out here this week, so I’ve been sewing curtains and spent the weekend trying to help get Mom’s house together for her arrival.  My brother build a ramp out front, and is making one inside, and it looks pretty impressive.  I’m so looking forward to having so much extended family on this side of the country (two cousins, form different sides of the family have recently — or are soon — moving to Seattle which is close-enough)!  Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be so different this year!  And it will be wonderful to be able to get time to just sit and visit with Grandma on a more regular basis.

My plans for the week?  The continual trying to catch up on sleep, of course… and cleaning.  Set some writing goals, and am going to push through the challenges to make them happen!  Have some social things lined up as well, so that will help me keep from being a week-night hermit.  Not that I mind vanishing to spend my evenings hunkered down at my computer, but a change of pace is always helpful.

How about you?


6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… #1”

  1. It’s a great blog, no wonder people are reading it. 🙂 Wishing you a good time with Grandma, and great time writing. I agree, a change of pace is in order from time to time, that’s why I went on a long walk this weekend and while I have plenty to write, I decided to take a break and read instead. Feed the muse.

    Had fun chatting over coffee. 🙂


  2. I love having family close by. It makes Christmas and other celebrations that much sweeter. In my case, I lived away from them most of my adult life and had to make a point of visiting on a regular basis.

    Now I’m back in town, a small town which is why I moved away to begin with. ‘nough said about that. To keep from going squirrelly I’ve taken up writing, short stories and blog post. And I’ve found a very creative person hiding inside me.

    I’d better go, and thanks for the chat. 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette


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