Workshopping in the Woods

Nice to hear this little reflection of a participant in this workshop. I graduated from Marlboro back in ’99, and it is still one of those places that holds my heart. The school demands quality writing from ALL of its students, and I love that they are reaching out to those who are not students to share in writing workshops. I swear, there is something magical about that hill. I cannot count the number of times I have, in recent years, wanted nothing more than to go sit on one of the swings on the hill, in the apple tree in the middle of campus, or in the woods just beyond and let the creative energy flow through me.
The approach that Brian shares, “facilitator and counselor and coach” is the Marlboro approach to education (at least in my experience), it is what I strive for when I am in an educator role, and what I look for in educators I am working with.
And that’s my mini-love-letter to Marlboro, spurned by this little blog entry.


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