Celebrate the Little Stuff! 4

It’s Celebrate Friday!  And I think I need to take a moment to do so!


Little things can be very awesome, and really help lift a mood.  My little celebrations:

*Getting together tonight with a friend I don’t get to see very often.

*Finishing out a week that’s been a bit rough for me.  Some weeks just making it is enough to celebrate.

*Progress on Disparate Threads.  Yes, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been going at a snails pace but.. it’s still faster than nothing!



3 thoughts on “Celebrate the Little Stuff! 4”

  1. Ah the smalls on a Friday, a seat on the bus that does not reek, cool breeze off the harbour, no line at the bank, copping a strawberry tart on the way home, putting that rough week behind..ah, the smalls.


    1. Thanks! I had a “down” week this past week, one of those weeks that’s a challenge for no real reason, so it was extra important to take the time to reflect on those small things — and it really does help!


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