Super-Mega Inspiring Awesome Voltron Force Award!

I’m VERY pleased to have recieved the Super-Mega Inspiring Awesome Voltron Force Award, from Rose B. Fischer.


Ah.. Voltron.  Here comes the flood of childhood memories.  Saturday morning cartoons.  Stealing my brothers action figures.  Them stealing mine. My Little Ponies, fighting alongside all manner of action-figures…


How I’m going to celebrate this award…

Most of my posts tell you about me… but in particular my “About Me” page and the post I did for one of the Blogging University challenges.

And I totally want to question my readers!  Since this award reminded me of some of my cherished childhood memories, I’d love to know what one of your childhood memories are!  Please, share 🙂

Giving the award to other bloggers… hmm.  There are so many great bloggers out there, and I always feel bad when I nominate some and not others…  So, I nominate YOU to receive this award.  The caveat… if you are going to accept the nomination, you must… uhm…  Link back to this page and let me know that you’ve accepted the nomination (so I can start a list of all the super-awesome people who’ve received this award from here!. Also share the name of your favorite cartoon series (current or from long ago) in the comments below.

Yup.  🙂
Mine was Duck-Tales….


The rules as laid out by Rose B. Fischer:

Here are the very simple new rules to this award.

  • Everyone is free to snag the award and give it to whomever they choose.  (Rather like the Spectacular Blog Award over at Nerd In The Brain.)
  • The recipients don’t have to do anything.

Optional But Awesome Stuff You Can Do

  • Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to their post.
  • Link back to this post for the rules.
  • Link to some posts on your blog that you think tell your readers the most about who you are. (It can be your about page or anything you’ve written that is important to you.
  • Post some questions that you’d like your readers to answer.  (They can be anything, whether it’s just random questions you think are interesting or questions about your blog content.) Anyone can post answers to the questions as long as they link back to your post.It doesn’t have to be the people you decide to give the award to.
  • Give the award to some other bloggers. (The number of recipients doesn’t matter, but at least half of them should be blogs that you haven’t nominated in a while.)

What do you think?

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