Celebration Time! Celebrate the Small Things 3

Celebrate the Small Stuff!


On Tumblr I did some celebrating today. But, I wanted to celebrate here as well.  Because, well, there is some celebration to be had!

I celebrate awards!  I was nominated (and will shortly post) for the One Lovely Blog award.  And JUST saw that I’ve been nominated for the Super-Mega Inspiring Voltron Force Award (and if that isn’t the awesomest award title out there I don’t know what is!)  And there are some things coming down the road that are exciting as well.

So… I do want to celebrate… and thinking about the BIG celebration (topping 1k followers!) here is what I’d like to do — I want to answer your questions (and take your requests).  Ask me anything and I will answer (well, okay, I reserve the right not to answer, but, chances are I will answer).   Or, give me a challenge, and I will do what I can to rise to that challenge.


10 thoughts on “Celebration Time! Celebrate the Small Things 3”

    1. Thank you! It was some very good, if sometimes challenging, time with family. Getting to see people learn about themselves, and those around them, is always interesting for me — and there was a fair amount of that going on


      1. Have fun with it, and by all means, take your time.

        I suggest getting wacky with it- the more out of their element they are, the easier I have with things like this, personally.

        Late night at IHOP? 😛


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