999 strong! Stike that, 1000!!

I have 999 followers of this blog. I’ve passed 1,000! Wow. You guys are awesome!  And I know that at least some of these are spam-accounts, or people who don’t really read many of my posts but… still!  I had never expected to come this close to 1,000 this soon! I want to celebrate number 1,000…. just have to figure out how.  Perhaps a custom post?  Everyone can give me a word, or a topic, and I will somehow weave them together into a post.  I can pretty much promise it will be a crazy post, probably a fun one as well. It would be fun to do some sort of give-away too… but I don’t think I have anything to give-away just now. So, what ideas do you have?  How should I celebrate this impending celebratory milestone? And..isn’t 999 a cool number?  Kinda like the looks of it.  But, 1,000 looks even cooler 🙂 Edit: I have figured out how I want to celebrate:

I want to answer your questions (and take your requests).  Ask me anything and I will answer (well, okay, I reserve the right not to answer, but, chances are I will answer).   Or, give me a challenge, and I will do what I can to rise to that challenge.


5 thoughts on “999 strong! Stike that, 1000!!”

  1. Congrats on the amount of followers! 🙂 You could always ask followers if they have any questions, and then do a post answering them? Seeing as it’s a celebration of followers?


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