Disparate Threads — A Visitor

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This is the next installment of Disparate Threads, a Fantasy-Fiction Blog-Serial that updates twice weekly.  To read the story from the beginning (and to learn more about the world and the characters) check out Disparate Threads.

The storm seemed to stretch on for eternity, showing little sign of letting up. Mikael found herself easily falling into her own role within the household, patterns and habits establishing themselves. When she presented the pile of fabric to Gloria and Mitchell something shifted between them, and there was a gentle transition from Mikael feeling like a guest in their home to feeling as though she were being accepted as a member of the household.

Sometimes, when the winds weren’t howling howl quite as strong, Mikael was invited to help in the barn. Cleaning stalls, feeding animals, all kinds of work she would have never imagined she would do. It was hard work, but Mikael found herself enjoying it in a way; there was something satisfying in ending each day so exhausted that sleep came easily.

On days when the storm was particularly vehement Mitchell ventured to the barn alone, sometimes having to navigate the way using a clothesline tied between the house and the barn. He would tend to the necessary chores there before vanishing to his workshop below the house.

Gloria and Mikael would work on various indoor tasks accompanied by the background music of hammering, sawing, and the occasional clatter of wood being dropped or split. It was a cozy peacefulness that began to settle around Mikael like a warm blanket. At moments she could almost lull herself into thinking that life had always been this way, memories of Joie fading. Sometimes the growing peace would be jolted by a tune would passing through her mind, music that had haunted her nights. She tried to shuffle the tune away, there was nothing that could be done about it now. If, indeed, there was anything that she could do at all.

One day, when the storm had decided to settle for a short while, a knock on the door brought a jarring reminder that there existed a world outside. [Read More]


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