Disparate Threads — Warmth in the Storm

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 This is the next installment of Disparate Threads, a Fantasy-Fiction Blog-Serial that updates twice weekly.  To read the story from the beginning (and to learn more about the world and the characters) check out Disparate Threads.

That night Mikael sat up for some time, her mind continuing to swirl in thought. Gloria and Mitchell seemed to get by on so little and asked so little of her. She wanted to trust them, and found herself doing so in little bits and piece, without thought, as she had trusted the footman who bid her to run into the woods. Something stirring from deep within her was slowly growing and expanding with a conviction that she had to learn whom to trust, to decide who and when she was going to give full trust to others; Joie’s belief that no one could be trusted would only get her so far.

Whatever was coming with the stirring of the air and cold could not be survived in isolation. The cold in the woods would have killed her, if nothing else had gotten to her first, and it had seemed there was little choice but trust Gloria and Mitchell when they offered to take her in; so far they had done nothing to show any signs that they wanted anything but the best for her. She sensed that, just as she was learning to trust their kindness, she had to also trust this sense she carried of a lurking danger, this other-worldly cold. She had to trust her sense that she could not survive it alone, and would have to allow herself to put some faith in others if they were to survive.

Her eyes drifted to the wall, where Gloria has carefully hung the dress Mikael had arrived in; she had taken great care in cleaning and repairing it. A beautiful dress, but completely impractical here. Mikael leaned back with a sigh, listening again to the sounds of the storm raging outside; picking …  [Read More]



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