I am a procrastinator… at least, I have great ability to be one and have to do a lot in order to push this inclination aside.  I know that procrastination is one of those things that many writers speak of… and non-writers as well, I’m sure.

Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow?

Procrastination can take some interesting forms.  I know more than a few people who have been known to produce amazing meals and baked goods when they have deadlines approaching.

I don’t think I have ever seen so many clean homes, apartments, cars, kitchens and bathrooms as I saw when visiting classmates when finals were approaching.

There is, also, the clear and simple forms of procrastination,

binge-watching shows, sleeping late, taking even more walks.

But some procrastination is a little more stealthy.  It starts out looking like something useful, something important, but slowly begins to just serve as a way to put off what needs to be done.  The cooking, baking, cleaning, (ahem, blogging), all are examples of this kind of procrastination.

Recently I realized another kind of way that I procrastinate, one of those subtle ones.  I research.

I did it when I was working on my thesis, following primarily tangential threads this way and that, under the vague disguise of useful research.  I caught myself falling into it on another story, “What kind of dresses would they be wearing in the era I’m basing this off of?”  Which quickly turned from a short trip to look up some pictures online to an in-depth venture digging through scholarly articles about fabric choices.   Yeah…. not hugely relevant.

Sometimes these  research ventures can be helpful and important, but more often I find myself lost in the journey, the story a long forgotten memory as I wander through articles.

 I think researching has maybe become my favorite form of procrastination over the years.  It doesn’t cost me anything (like baking did), and it seems super productive.  I mean, it’s RESEARCH.  That can’t be procrastination, can it?

But it is.  It’s putting off what I should (and really do want to) be working on.  And, though eventually those things I want to be working on now may be able to serve as a procrastination tool later, that’s a slippery slope to walk.  And it will never result in accomplishing what I want to accomplish, but rather constantly being two steps behind and never quite getting done what I set out to get done.

So I set a goal, to stop researching unnecessarily.  And to not replace it with another form of procrastination….

How do you find yourself procrastinating?  Or, what is your favorite procrastination technique?  I swear, I’m not looking for suggestions, just curious the traps others find themselves falling into.


3 thoughts on “Procrastination”

  1. I procrastinate with ideas… side projects.. emails – anything else, really. I’ll mess around on social media to “promote the blog”. I’ll work on “networking” because I just like making new friends – same with stories, actually. I’ll chase any story thread when it’s shiny and new, abandoning it the next time a shiny rolls by.

    When in doubt, I’ll clean. 😛


  2. You made a great point about the blogging being a way to procrastinate. I started this as a side project to add to my writing commitment but it has a way of sucking up a lot of time. NIce and short and totally self indulgent posts are much more fun than editing a 1st draft!!


    1. With you 100%! I realized today that, while the blog and blog (yeah…both of them) are doing what I wanted them to do for me as far as my writing, I have completely been neglecting the OTHER writing projects I had intended to also be working on. There is only so much time in a day though…


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