About Me: Morning Routine!

Raeven Wright asked:

How does your typical day start?  Coffee?  Tea?  Yoga?  Wrestling bears?

Every morning I wake up with the sun, refreshed and ready to face the day.  Which is good, because the first thing I do is have to fight my way past a blob-monster, and scale  a castle wall to reach my morning coffee.  Then comes the dragon wrestling.

Or… not.

I wish I could say that my typical day starts in some exciting way… like if I were able to share some of the dreams that I remember in the earliest moments of awake when they still have hold of part of my brain.  I used to love to lay awake in the mornings, purposefully dwelling in that time when the veil between dreams and reality seems more permeable.    I had a lot of great times, drifting in and out of worlds where magic was real and easy to access (for me, at least).  Where I got to wear awesome dresses (I love awesome dresses, a particular dress was once purchased for me because the “Allison “eee!” factor” was pretty high), and fight off the bad guys.

But now, my typical day is much less exciting.  I did that whole “join the realm of grown-ups” thing (I am in my thirties, I suppose it was time), and now have a job which involves regular office hours and requires waking up in the morning.  Like, the actual morning.  Like, 5:30.  IN THE MORNING.

For an avowed, life-long, Night Owl such as myself, this really feels like enough accomplishment to last a day.  After I manage to get out of bed, I’d say the most important part of my morning is getting my coffee and breakfast.   If I miss one of them I’m pretty much guaranteed to be either asleep or grumpy for the rest of the day.

Again, I wish I could enjoy those two things leisurely.  I envision myself sitting back in a comfy chair, a steaming cup of coffee (filled with milk and sugar) and a gourmet breakfast resting on a nearby table as I look out the window at birds in trees, or read something, or perhaps do a little writing.  But the reality… often it is a piece of toast with peanut butter, and coffee (with lots of milk and sugar) in a travel mug, that I drink as I walk my way to the bus.  Because public-transit is my car and my commute is not terribly short.

Other random facts about my morning:

  • At this point, if I’m being good, the very first thing I have to do before getting out of bed is take off my “boots,” due to a particularly stubborn case of plantar fasciitis (in both feet… darn you moving lots of items up stairs last July….).
  • I started wearing some makeup this year… because it seemed like a good idea to add something to my morning routine when I had to wake up earlier than I had ever imagined?  I occasionally see people putting on their makeup during the bus ride… which confounds and frightens me.
  • I do spend most mornings fighting a blob-monster of sorts.  It’s name is “clothes pile” and no matter how hard I try, I cannot vanquish it.  It shrinks, and reforms and grows at unexpected times.  It gets fought away, and it returns.  Someday, my nemesis, I shall win… someday….
  • I try to do some sort of exercise every morning.  Usually just some pliés, or hip circles, or leg lifts, while I’m brushing my teeth.  Because it seems like a good way to double up my activities.  I pretend that I could do something more.  Catch an earlier bus and hit the gym before work?  Go for a bike-ride before I catch my bus? But, if I didn’t manage to do these things when I didn’t have to be anywhere before 11, I doubt I’ll make them happen with my current schedule.

But my morning walk always involves getting to see pretty or interesting skies (the pictures populate my Instagram), lots of green, and sometimes birds.  And the bus ride is often relaxing and meditative (if a bit crowded).  So, overall it’s not so bad a way to start my day.

Time to turn the tables — what do you all do to start your day?  Is there anything that you absolutely must have to start the morning?

The second Monday of each month with be “About Me” Mondays… when I’ll… uhm… post something about me.  Answering questions (you can submit them via the Contact me page, if there is some question you want me to answer, really none are too ridiculous)… No questions means I come up with something.

6 thoughts on “About Me: Morning Routine!

  1. I don’t mean to cast doubt on your determination or organizational ability, but if it comes down to a fight… my money’s on Clothes Pile. Anyone who thinks I’m joking hasn’t seen the thing in action.

    These lazy (i.e. ‘jobless’) summer months have me off anything resembling a routine. I guess a smoothie and internet reading (news, webcomics) is as close as I come.


    1. True… true… I would probably put my money on Clothes Pile as well. But… it hasn’t actually destroyed anyone yet, as far as I am aware. Injured, sure, but… uhm…
      SMOOTHIE! Such a good way to start a day, it’s been far too long since I’ve had one. I should remedy that.


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