Celebrate Three Significant Songs

Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you.

Writing 101.  Day 3.

Three songs of significance.  With some thought this becomes a very interesting question, it is not asking the most significant, or even for ones that have a positive significance.  It is simply asking to celebrate three significant songs.

So… what three to pick.

1) This is the Moment, from Jekyll and Hyde.

A friend of mine sang this at our High School graduation.  And since then I have a hard time hearing the song without thinking back to the friends I had then — many of whom are still my very good friends now.   So I hear this song, and I think of my friends that have stuck with me through many years.  Friends I’ve been close to, and drifted apart from, and drifted back together.  Friends that have helped me understand that sometimes there are people in your life who you can connect to in such a way that you will always be able to come together again and connect again.

2)  Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

Yeah.. so you know how sometimes significant doesn’t mean good, right?  There was, once, a time when I thought this was a beautiful song.  But, I play (sort of) the cello, and in a chamber music group we played this song.  By the end of that experience, my feelings about Pachelbel’s was something less than loving.  Seriously, I nearly literally fell asleep while playing it once.

This guy sums it up much better, and more entertainingly than I could.

3) Rockabel’s Canon

Yes, the song that made me actually have some fun with Song #2.  And it has become one of my favorite songs… at least, the Piano Guys version of the song…. still not so fond of the original, but at least it doesn’t make me want to scream anymore…..  And it reminds me that sometimes you just need to play 🙂




5 thoughts on “Celebrate Three Significant Songs”

  1. Ha! So awesome! I love each and everyone one of those songs for their own reasons. Also, I can’t believe someone else knows Jeckyll and Hyde! NO ONE I know knows it, but it’s THE BEST!


    1. What!? How can… how can they not know it?
      I suppose that’s another one of the happy-little-bubbles I live in… I have many friends (high school and college) who not only know and love the musicals I know and I love, but also happily share new ones with me (and let me share new ones I find with them). It is a glorious thing 🙂


      1. I first saw J&H in a small little theater (I think it was a gutted house) that was so tiny and lovely, when Hyde first appeared, I actually had a bead of the actor’s sweat hit me as he was singing and flailing around – MAGICAL!


          1. It is quite glorious. The performance I saw made use of the actor’s long hair – tied back, he was Jeckyll, loose and flowing madly free for Hyde. Made some of the staging for the duets quite interesting.


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