List Lessons

  1. Decide to use the DP Writing Challenge for Wild-Card Wednesday.
  2. Realize that means I have to come up with something to list.
  3. Something clever and interesting.
  4. Ponder possible lists.
  5. Decide no one wants to see my real to-do list.
  6. Or the one of chores undone.
  7. And certainly not the list of bills to pay.
  8. Hmmmm….. Get some coffee and keep thinking.
  9. Wander the internet to see if I can find inspiration.
  10. Find lots of inspiration for future posts
  11. Save those links
  12. Wonder what an entertaining kind of list would be
  13. Wonder if anyone will use my Contact Me Page
  14. Wonder if I will have to come up with my own questions for the first “About Me Monday
  15. Begin to think about what kind of silly questions I would ask myself.
  16. Realize how challenging it might be to answer them.
  17. Find that I am at list item 17…. And perhaps have not said much else yet.
  18. Wonder if I really have to have something to say.
  19. Figure that often what I’m trying to say gets lost of confuzzled anyhow, so it’s probably okay, and I am probably actually saying something while not saying something.
  20. Decide that 20 looks like a nice solid number to end the list on.

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