Recognizing what’s been done, setting goals (making promises?)

In my ongoing goal to actually complete some of the Blogging 101: Zero to Hero assignments, and thinking about a recent conversation over on Love, Support, Educate, Advocate, Accept about looking at the journey, and the accomplishments along the way — as opposed to being hyper-focused on the end point — I’ve decided to take stock of some of those things that I have done, to get a better idea of those things that may remain to be done.

Because the reality is I’ve done more than I think.  Like DAY 5.  This weekend I spent some time looking at themes, and giving my page a little face-lift.  I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with the layout before, but I also wasn’t particularly in love with it.  So why not give something new a try?  And so far I kind of like the one I chose — though I am betting that I’d prefer one of the ones that would cost money (which, sadly, I cannot give to the blog at this point in my life).

And all the ones that involve connecting with other bloggers, visiting other blogs, and commenting on them, and reflecting on their posts.  Those I am certainly working on, and continue to work on as I find new blogs that interest me, and start being able to have conversations with other bloggers.

And… looking ahead.  That’s the big thing.  Because DAY 20: Create a New Feature, and DAY 29: Plan the Next 30, tie together in my mind.  Part of my planning includes what kind of “Features” I might be able to do.  So, here is where the plan and promise (?)  come into play.

An early version of the calendar
An early version of the calendar

I’ve created a blogging calendar for myself.   It’s ambitious, I know, especially with my (new!) full-time job, and with starting school (again) in the fall.  But, I want to make it happen…. and “determined” and “stubborn” are certainly two words that have been used to describe me in the past.   Also, “Crazy” and “unable-to-not-be-busy”  both of which I think may apply here.

So this new schedule…

MONDAY and FRIDAY will bring a post of some sort.  I’ve played with the idea of saying “Monday’s will be about writing and creativity, Fridays will be some other kind of reflection,” but at this point I’m not ready to commit to anything like that.  All I am ready to commit to is that I will post some sort of my own, original, writing on these days.

WEDNESDAY shall henceforth be known as “Wild-Card Wednesday.”  Meaning, you’ll get something from me: maybe a re-visit to an old post; perhaps a response to a Daily Post Challenge; potentially indiscernible from a Monday or Friday Post; possibly a re-blogging of someone else’s blog entry that I found particularly interesting, moving, or frustrating… all I can promise is that that there will be something.  And that I’ll try to have a bit of fun with it, vary things up some (not that I don’t try to do that every other day of the week).

And then… then there is Tuesday and Thursday.  I’m both excited and nervous about my plan for Tuesday’s and Thursdays.  Because that plan is that these will be Story Days.  I am working on creating another blog to hold Disparate Threads and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will put the new story segments there (as well as sharing them here).  That page will also have some other goodies to check out – and I’ll have a link to it as soon as the first entry goes live!  Which will be…(Imagine a drum-roll here)…  June 2nd (far sooner than it sounds… at least to me!)

So, some other features that I intend to include:
MONTHLY “ROUNDUP” – the last Friday of each month I’ll share some of the highlights I’ve found, favorite posts, interesting articles, and the like.

ABOUT ME MONDAY: So.. lets say this will happen on the second Monday of the Month, I’ll answer a question (or questions).
What would you like to know about me? Is there something you’d particularly like to know what I think about?  Have I said something in passing that peaked your interests and you want to know more?  Basically I’d love to answer questions… but that depend on people asking them in the first place.  Of course, I could also just answer questions that I pretend that people have asked…. so… that could happen 🙂  I’ve added a “contact me!” page you can use to, uhm, contact me.

I have this theory that if I’m super organized maybe, just maybe, I can keep this schedule up come the fall.

And those are just a few of the Zero to Hero Challenge that I’ve managed to get done — so I’d say I’m doing pretty well!  *Cheers*


5 thoughts on “Recognizing what’s been done, setting goals (making promises?)

  1. I thought your site looked different! I’m glad I wasn’t just imagining things- I’m always that person that comments on someone’s new hair a week too late. 😛

    I’m so excited for Disparate Threads! I can’t wait til it comes out. 😀


    1. I have gotten just a little slack myself for being sometimes surprisingly unobservant. Like when I seemed completely unable to register if a boyfriend had shaved recently. “Oh! You shaved!?” “Yeah… I have been for weeks.”
      “Oh! Bearded again!” “Uhm…. I haven’t been clean-shaven for months.”
      and yet I can notice the way that a random person in a coffee shop composes their face when they’re upset…


  2. I love your current theme. It looks equally as amazing on the desktop as it does on the mobile version. I’m reading on my iPhone right now. I love being able to read on the run. I can use any free moment I get!

    I think it’s awesome that you have a vision for what you want to do with your blog. I thought I had more ideas than time! lol 🙂 I think you can do all this and more! Give yourself permission to revise these goals as needed. With school starting in the fall you might need some flexibility. Remember revising your goals is not quitting. It’s exactly the kind of persistence that allows you to accomplish so much in so little time! Wishing you all the best! I’m looking forward to reading and cheering you on along the way!


    1. Thanks!
      I was commenting to a friend last night that the thing I probably have to look out for the most is self-sabotage. I have to keep in mind what my ultimate goals are with this blog, my writing in general, school and work, and compare everything against those goals. Hopefully that will also help with revising my plans as needed, because if the original plans I have set in place aren’t aiding in meeting my goals (or are even detracting from them) then they need to be revised. But I do have a tendency to hang onto things longer than I should (goals, plans, ideas, notes from classes, random trinket I don’t even remember where I got it from), so I have to keep an eye on that!
      And thanks for the feedback on the readability matter! I’m going to use a different theme on the Disparate blog, but am going to also keep an eye out for that ability for it to look good (and be functional!) on different media devices (I too love being able to read on the run – my daily bus commute would be so much less fun without that!)


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