Ways to give me a heart-attack..


This is what greeted me when I booted up my computer after a weekend away from it.  Life has been put on hold while I figure it out.
So my post for the day — back things up.  Always.  Everything.  As much as you can.
I am in process of trying to fix and salvage.  And luckily all my writing is backed up (at least, all writing from the past few years).  But pictures and music are somewhere on here.  Hoping for the best…


6 thoughts on “Ways to give me a heart-attack..”

  1. Ouch! Its a good thing you backed up the writing. I wish you tons of luck finding the music and pics 😦 Those seem to be what we forget about most frequently.


    1. I just… don’t have the space for it. Have a lot of pictures and music, and have been in the process of weeding through it and getting rid of duplicates, etc. Also been planning on burning CDs of the pictures at least. This, assuming recovery, will speed up the process, certainly….


  2. Update: was able to bypass this mess and retrieve all the files I could remember (think I missed some videos). Will continue the fight after work, but I’m more hopeful that it’s just a bad sector that I can partition or… Something.


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