When the characters start talking….

When the characters talking, and I really should be sleeping, it can be problematic.  Luckily, there was also laundry that had to be done, so I would have had to stay awake anyways…

However, I think I am making progress on the story (which started with Ayrella‘s introduction), and could, plausibly, be in a place to share more of the story in a few weeks — depending on just how those weeks go.

So that begs the question… I never intended to try my hand at a serialized story on this blog, but I can see plenty of reasons to give it a go.  Also, plenty of reasons to not…
So why not throw it out to my readers.  What do you think?

I am envisioning something that would be updated maybe twice monthly, maybe a little more than that, we’ll see how it maps out.  And after things post I would categorize them such that you could read the whole thing in one chunk.  Perhaps even adding them to a static page in the intended order.  Since it is four stories that wind around one another, I’m also playing with the idea that you could then read one individual’s story all the way through, on its own.  Really, the more I think about this story, the more excited I am about trying to present it in this format.  And now that Callie and I seem to have finally come to an agreement, tentative though it may be, on how to work together, I kind of want to reward that 🙂

So, poll time!


8 thoughts on “When the characters start talking….”

    1. It used to happen all the time for me, but lately I’ve been going about getting to sleep before the creative-brain kicks into full gear (good in the sense that it means I’ve been awake to do my job in the morning, not good in the sense that it’s been harder to dig into the character).


What do you think?

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