Venturing from Thesis-Land – tales of a blizzard

Oh, yes… it’s been a while.
I am in the midst of writing my thesis – currently editing the second draft, and that’s been taking most of my time.  But, I figured why not take a moment to update this blog, since I really do not want to neglect it (perhaps I can manage to get up to one update a month? At least, to start….).
Among the things that have happened since my last update is some serious weather.  We had a blizzard – plus a few other snow storms (including one just this past week… I do wonder when spring will come…).
I am not sure I’d ever experienced a blizzard before.  I could remember one serious snow storm, but this was a new experience.  Where I live we ended up with 31.9 inches, over two days.
At the start of the storm  I went for a few walks during this storm.  The worst of it hit overnight.  We started getting the snow on Friday, around 3:30 I decided I wanted to go for a walk in order to see how things were.  The snow was falling pretty strongly at this point, but there were a number of folks at the corner kitchen-bar, where I got some yummy food before returning home.
The next day I started by taking some pictures from inside, before heading out for a walk (once the storm had completely died down).

The next day, the same view
The next day, the same view

The snow really was interesting.  Because I live downtown the plows were going on the roads and sidewalks through the entire storm – so it led to a somewhat surreal reality of having roads that were fairly cleared, and then these huge snowbanks alongside the road.  Some of the sidewalks were plowed, others were not.  And because of the strong winds (interestingly enough, a huge part of what decides if a snow event is labeled a blizzard is the strength of the winds that accompany it), there were some areas where there was no snow at all!

After the storm

Taken out the window – the day before there had been much more snow on the grass, but the wind kept picking it up, tossing it around.

Stuck to the wall

Out around town, the snow had embedded itself into all sorts of spaces.  I loved the way that it stuck into the vines on the side of this building.

Walking down the sidewalkPiled up along the sidewalks, before the plow had come through.

And a full day laterThe storm started on a Thursday night/Friday morning.  It died off by Saturday afternoon.  Come Sunday we had blue skies, and lots of snow on the ground.  This was taken out of the window of one of the places I work on Sunday.

I know that some are enjoying spring weather now, and it is hard to believe that this storm was over a month ago! However, I know that many of us are still getting hit with winter-storms (I guess they are, technically, now spring-storms… however, they seem to be awfully similar to the winter-storms).
Now I return to thesis land – this draft is due in a few weeks, and at that point perhaps I can (at least sort of) emerge from thesis-land again.


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