A Day on the Water

It’s my goal to make sure that I have some mellow days, days where I don’t do work (school-work or paid-work).  Since I work 6 days a week in paid jobs at this point (and am in my final year in an MA program that includes writing a Thesis), Saturday’s are the day to rest.

This post has taken me far to long to get even this far (it has been far too long since I used this site!) so instead of the writing I was going to do, I’ll just share some pictures.  I went out (thanks to a Living Social Deal!) on a “Fall Foliage Cruise” with Casco Bay Lines, to Bailey Island.  It was pretty, and I got to enjoy a day with a friend.  More words will come – when my brain isn’t fried.  But I was totally going to reflect of the refreshing nature of being on the water, my connection to it, all that cool stuff.  But, for now… pictures!

Saw an Eagle on the way back – was hard to get a good picture, but pretty cool!

Portland Head Light.

Got to see a few leaves, liked this one resting on a rock on the beach.Were a lot of shells on the beach – found this cool shell of shells 🙂

This is the boat we took over.

Some of the water, as we came back the wind had started to pick up, which was awesome – I loved the rolling ride.


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