A cake and a question

It was my roomies birthday, so we, of course, had to have some cake.  Since I’m Gluten-Free, I wanted something I could enjoy as well… and I happened to have some Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Cake Mix kicking about in the pantry, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Brilliant Idea!

I highly, highly, recommend this stuff, and also highly recommend following the directions on the package.  Not having an actual cake pan (why would I keep something like that around?  That’s just silly) I had to compromise.  I did have a glass pie-plate, so thought that would serve well enough to make a single layer.  Since the roommate isn’t as into sweets as I am, and I need to be eating less sweety-goodness, I thought we’d just stick with doing a single layer cake, and use the rest of the batter to make mini-cupcakes for me to take and share with people at work/school.

As I’d been browsing around the internets for recipe ideas I had comes across something about how to line a cake (or brownie) pan with parchment paper… had never thought about doing that, so gave it a go.  It did make the bottom of the cake nice and flat, and I was able to take it out of the dish immediately.

See my lovely lining?

I mixed up the batter, as instructed (it was somewhat delayed in being made, as I had forgotten to take butter out of the freezer in order to soften it… and I was very thankful that I just happened to have some lemon juice on hand, because the directions called for some of that!  Is this normal, to add lemon juice to chocolate cake?)

I poured some of the batter into the pie-plate and put it in the oven.

So… one thing to remember when cooking – always double check to make sure that you’ve set the timer.  I didn’t, and didn’t realize I hadn’t until some-ways into the cooking – at which point I had to guestimate how long it had been in, and, therefore, how much time was left.  Then, after I did set the time, the oven did something odd, beeping at me, and I realized I’d accidentally turned the oven off – it was a mess and a good reminder to pay attention when you’re cooking!

Despite the snafus, the cake seemed to come out fine – thank goodness!

Miraculously it came out fine!

While the cake was cooking, the question of frosting presented itself.  What to do with frosting.  I knew I was going to do a Cream-cheese base, because that’s what I have had success with so far:
1 package (8oz)of Cream Cheese
1/2 cup of butter
2 cups confectioners sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

I’d also gotten some Pomegranate flavoring a ways back, and it was generally agreed that it might make for a yummy combination, so the frosting got Pomegranate flavor (and yet again, I forgot to measure how much I was adding.  My suggestion, add some, taste it, add some more if you want a stronger flavor!).  It was also decided that the frosting should be orange – because that’s a fun color!  I mixed up the food coloring (as directed on the back of the box).   And then, I went to work frosting!

I was quite proud of the end result, and the cake itself tasted amazing (as did the mini-muffins!)  It was very yummy and I highly encourage everyone to give it a try.

It was SOOOO good!

Orange Pomegranate Frosting!

I was quite proud of the end result, (though it reminded me that I need more work on my cake decorating skills) and the cake itself tasted amazing (as did the mini-muffins!)  It was very yummy and I highly encourage everyone to give it a try.

It was SOOOO good!

Did someone say Cake?

Now, a random question – I am going to be attempting to make some GF stuffed pasta next… what kind of filling would you like to see?  I have a few ideas, but am curious what kind of fillings others think I should try… (and sauces, what kind of sauces would compliment the pasta?)  All suggestions welcome!


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