Adventures in Camping, Part 3.

The Amazing Katahdin, over Sandy Stream Pond

Katahdin, “pulse of the great spirit”

On the way up to Baxter, we stop in the Ranger Station, located outside of the park.  They have a bunch of maps, a slide show about the park, and some books for sale.  This year I picked up a book, turned it over and read the back and said, “Hmm…I think I’d like this book.”  To which my friend, Erica, replied, “I think you’ve said that the past two years.”  I probably had… so I decided it was a sign for me to go ahead and get the book.  I haven’t gotten the chance to read very far in it yet, but in the Introduction, the author said something that struck a chord in me:

“In Katahdin many encounter the mystical.  Some consider the mountain sacred because its presence and its overpowering grandness guide them toward inner contemplation of the vital center of all being.  They are like pilgrims seeking the elemental heartbeat or pulse of the spirit.  This is the most awesome aspect to the Katahdin experience.  Native Americans call it the pulse of the great spirit.” (Katahdin: An Historic Journey.  by John W. Neff, Introduction, xxiv.)

From the first year that I went up to Baxter, I felt a deep connection to the land.  Though I have never climbed Katahdin, there is something about the land around it that calls to me, that stirs up something deeper within me.  It feels mythical and magical to me.  Being in seminary, and needing to do a lot more reflection and thinking about my own beliefs, this park seemed like the right place for me to explore some of these thoughts.  I still haven’t found the right words, or decided just what I want to say – so those thoughts are going to stay in my paper-journal for the time being, but here are some of the pictures of the natural beauty around my campsite and on the trails  🙂

A very little waterfall along the Chimney Pond Trail


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