Disparate Threads – Into the Dreaming Lands

This is the next installment of Disparate Threads, a Fantasy-Fiction Blog-Serial that updates twice weekly.  To read the story from the beginning (and to learn more about the world and the characters) check out Disparate Threads.

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“I can’t allow you to take such a risk,” Ikthar’s determined words filled the space of the small cottage. The conversation had run through four pots of tea already, and they seemed to simply run in circles. Kisha sighed, looking to Ayrella.

“It really isn’t your decision to make.” Ayrella said simply, putting her empty cup on the table. She had let them both voice their concerns, the uncertainty of such a decision — but she knew what she must do. “We have one lead, one possible connection to one of the three. It is the strongest possibility that we have seen, and, though we have tried, there has been no finding her outside of the Dreaming Lands. Whatever it is that we are fighting is being far too thorough in shading the Realms to us… and it seems only the Dreaming Lands that remain unguarded. So, it is through the Dreaming Lands that I must reach out.”

Ikthar frowned, shaking his head. “And the Skies [Read More]

A fun little side-trip – Bonus “behind the scenes” post


Because sometimes your Readers can provide a lot more than just helpful editing and revision suggestions. I highly recommend finding ones that can inspire you, and make you laugh.

Originally posted on Disparate Threads:

I currently have two Beta-Readers-of-Awesomeness (official title) that look at the scenes of Disparate Threads before I re-edit and post them.  These two individuals are amazingly awesome (hence their title) and help me to look at each segment with a different perspective and more critical eye.  One provides me with all sorts of speculation, her thoughts on what things mean, where the story might be going, connections that could be made.  And each and every one of these speculations and thoughts helps fuel me as I keep writing.

The other doesn’t speculate quite as much, but has a tendency to provide with me suggestions, certainly.  Many of which give me a good laugh as I’m working through the more serious edits and suggestions.  Also, occasionally, tapping into the real emotional challenges of particular scenes.

I wanted to share some of them with you all.  Be warned, this could contain some spoilers…

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Disparate Threads: How Ayrella Came to be



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This is some of the peripheral materials found on Disparate Threads, the story of how Ayrella came to be among the Revered.  Read more of Ayrella’s story here.

Ayrella curled up next to Henrich as they watched the flames flicker in the fireplace. Outside the rain poured from the skies, drumming on the windows and roof — a comforting combination of sounds, and for a long time they sat in silence, simply listening to the fire and rain.


“No one has ever told the story of how I came to be,” she said after a long while, “there was never any need.”


“All the better,” he smiled at her, “then you [Read More]


Copyright Infringement: A Warning to all Authors


Please please please, make sure if you are downloading ebooks you are doing so from a reputable source… one that will actually give proceeds to the writers and… even more importantly HAVE THEIR PERMISSION TO POST.

Originally posted on blindoggbooks:

I would like to share a letter sent to me by a fellow independent author, who wishes to remain anonymous, about a website claiming to be promoting independent authors, when in reality it appears that they are offering free downloads of the work of dozens of us.

If you are an author, independent or otherwise, I urge you to read this letter and investigate the site yourself. Find out if your work is posted there and take appropriate action to have it removed, or, at the very least, make sure you are willing to grant permission to the site owners to list your work.

Making money as an independent author is difficult enough without pirating sites giving our work away under false pretenses AND without our permission.

Please share, tweet or reblog this post in order to spread the word through the independent author community and, hopefully, put some pressure…

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