Strong Female Characters!

Things Matter, the awesome blog of Hannah Givens, is hosting “Strong Female Characters Week” this week!

Check out the first two posts in the series — and be sure to visit the comments where there are even more great ideas.

Where to Find Strong Female Characters in Movies.

Where to Find Strong Female Characters in Books.

Anyone else writing posts about Strong Female Characters this week?  Let me know!

The Season continues :)

Where to Find Strong Female Characters


Where do you see Strong Female Characters?

Originally posted on Things Matter:

We Are All Wonder Women
Prints available on Etsy.

I don’t always like to lump things together based on a trait like “being about a woman.” However, after a Ms. Marvel post a while back, I got to looking at my bookshelves. I realized that even with all my ranting, I don’t necessarily have all that many items that are about women. So, I looked through my lists of favorite things and put together a list of the ones about a woman or women. Sometimes it’s fun to check out a list of things based on one factor and see how they compare and contrast, so I’ve put together lists of movies, comics, TV shows, and books I can recommend, and I’ll be posting one a day starting tomorrow. These aren’t feminist movies and books, or stories with “lessons” I’m approving… This isn’t even as comprehensive a list of my favorite things as I’d like.

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Banning, Books and Community, Oh my!


I counted this week as the start of “The Season,”  and I think it was a great start!  A week of MANY posts about banned books and censorship and just general connections!

Thanks to everyone who wrote insightful posts, and shared their reflections and memories!

Hannah over at Things Matter hosted the Banned Book Blogparty, and Sheila at BookJourney hosted Celebrate the Banned.  I’ve tried to re-blog as many posts as I could, and put together a Pinterest Board with more.

I also wrote a few of my own reflections (more than a few?), including a longer post about To Kill a Mockingbird.  And, unintentionally, I finished the week off with reading another Banned Book.  A coworker lent me “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” yesterday and between some time in the morning, one the bus, and before bed, I ended up reading it all the way through.  Good book!  One of those books that caught me a bit by surprise, and one that I, clearly, couldn’t put down.

The Season Continues!

Next week Hannah will be doing an informal “Strong Female Characters Week.”  I’ll try to share what I can from her posts, and encourage everyone to check out what she has to say, as well as sharing your own reflections and thoughts (and favorites) for Strong Female Characters!  I’m looking forward to it!

This week will also see a post about the events coming up in October — I’m looking forward to the Masquerade Ball at the end of the month, and hoping that many of you will be up to participating!

It’s also the start of a new month, so I’ll have my Insecure Writers Support Group post on Wednesday!  I’m also setting some writing goals for myself for October… which includes getting a bunch of writing done before October…so I’d better start putting this last day of the weekend to use!


If We Were Having Coffee (7)

Today I’m fitting coffee in, just barely.  Long and crazy week feeding into short and busy weekend….

Honestly, I hardly remember the start of the week anymore.  I know that it was kind of rough, that I’ve been tired, and a lot of little annoyances have happened at work (mostly dealing with people asking questions that they would know the answers to if they stopped being lazy and actually looked at the information they were provided).  Yeah.. challenging.  Every day I’ve wished was Friday.

I had a friend over Monday night which was fun, we had a good visit and some much needed laughter.

I haven’t been making much progress on my writing… I’ve been exhausted when I get home and it’s been challenging to focus.  I had some real solid goals set for this weekend but… the weekend is looking like it isn’t going to have a whole lot of time in it.

But this was Banned Book Week — and that was kind of cool.  The first event of “The Season,” I did my best to promote what posts I could, to read and respond where I could, and have compiled a Pinterest Board with a bunch of the posts.  I’m starting to get a feel for how this whole “Season” thing will work and am rather pleased with it (and still looking for other events to put on the schedule!  Do you have any ideas?)

What’s on the docket this weekend?  Well, this morning was getting up and out of the house earlier than normal (6:38 bus instead of 6:50) so that I could proctor for the GRE subject tests… fun times let me tell you.  Though, I do prefer being on the proctoring side than the taking side of these.  It’s just a few hours of sitting in a room watching people take tests….

Soon I’ll be off to my Mom’s to clear some space in the room that holds some of my stuff (and on occasion me) for storage purposes.  I haven’t seen them in a while, so it’ll be nice to catch up with Mom, my Grandma and one of my brothers — even if it is a brief visit.  Because my plan is to be back home again before bedtime, so that I can hopefully get one good-nights-sleep in this weekend.  Sunday morning will be writing time… Since next week marks the week where I run out of my buffer both here and on Disparate Threads.  Then I have my regular Game Group Sunday night.

Next week is the start of the year, student’s return to campus… so it’s sure to be a busy time.   Next weekend, though — I promise you, next weekend I can linger longer, because I plan to schedule ABSOLUTELY NOTHING next weekend.  It will be much needed.

A bit of this, a bit of that, the meandering thoughts of a dreamer.


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