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What a great post. I love this! It really illustrates that point I find myself keep going back to — we all write differently, for different reasons — it is NOT a one-size fits all activity. I am really fond of the general mundane reality of some of the authors writing spaces.

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shakes house

Is there a magic formula to writing a best selling novel – of course not, but this does not stop me wanting to know all the what, where, how and why’s of my favourite authors. I might uncover some secret that best selling novelists have kept hidden for centuries; they may belong to a secret society. I may stumble upon one quirky habit, that I could adopt, and my writing would be transformed.

My first quest was the Where.

I knew that Mark Twain and Roald Dahl both wrote in their back sheds, but I was looking for more inspirational writers haunts. So, why not start with the master of all writers, the picture above is of William Shakespeare’s house in Stratford- Upon-Avon, England. I didn’t get much from my visit here except that Shakespeare slept in the sitting position, and I wasn’t going to adopt that habit. Next was…

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Making him “Feel Like a Man”… This is an issue….

[Revisions have been made since the original post, as some have pointed out my passion about this issue took forms that could be misconstrued to draw away from my actual point.  Additionally, a longer response to the author of the original post  (in response to her comment) is underway and will appear in the comments.  As I have said before, one of the reasons I have enjoyed blogging is the opportunity to engage in conversations with others, and I appreciate her taking the time to read and respond!]

As is often the case, when I start to think about a subject I begin to see it everywhere.  I began to think about Feminism, and why I now will claim the word for myself, as a movement for equality and justice, for all, and suddenly I can’t help but stumble upon things that get me riled up a bit.

I read a post (a guest post on that particular page — to clarify.  The article was written by Holistic Wayfarer, a lovely individual that I just happen to disagree with on some matters) that got the wheels turning and helped nudge me in writing my original feminism post.

My reading of the article is that it claims to tell women that they need to make their partner/potential partner (assuming a heterosexual relationship) feel “more like a man.”  Regardless of what the author of the post intended to be the “take away,” this is what I understood from what I read: as a (heterosexual) woman I am supposed to be more docile in the beginning of the relationship,  I need to let men chase and pursue me.  Rather than standing my ground, stating what I feel, and pursuing a relationship if it interests me, I am supposed to be passive and coy, play games in the relationship (like pretending to not be free for a date when I actually am).  If the guy isn’t making the first moves, then it clearly means he is not — and will never be — interested in me.  This not only challenges me as a woman, but also makes me feel bad for all the shy boys who aren’t sure how to approach a woman they like. Continue reading


Beta Readers! A Necessary… Awesomeness?

Shannon A Thompson posted an exploration of The Pros and Cons of Beta Readers.  A very good post which I highly recommend taking a look at!  My own post started out as a comment to hers, but grew a bit long for that… So it gets a posting all its own (and a long one at that… I guess I had something to say).

I am lucky to have found two great Beta Readers for Disparate Threads (A and B), with a third (C) giving a post-published look over for additional changes after the larger arcs have been set up.  Two of the readers are friends I have known for a long time (A and C), but they have no qualms in telling me like it is, both are writers in their own right and have a very good grasp on the craft (and far better grammar and punctuation skills than I).  One of these (A) has mentioned that he’s likely “not the target audience” of the story, where as C probably would be a more likely casual reader of the work.   B is another writer that I met through the blogs who can sometimes get as excited about the story unfolding as I am (or more!) — and spots all sorts of interesting things that I hadn’t even realized.

Both A and B are reading a few segments at a time, usually a few weeks before they need to be posted (though, sometimes both have come to the rescue on a much tighter schedule!) C is reading the entire thing separate from the blog, in larger segments, which helps me to see things that don’t make as much sense without the peripheral (allowing me to decide if I want to make certain points stand alone or really need to be read within the context of the other materials).

Finding these readers and Continue reading

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Redefining Disability: An Interactive Blogging Project


Rose B. Fisher is launching a great project in a few weeks — ” interactive blogging project I developed in order to promote better representation for people with disabilities in the media.” I’ve been looking forward to this since she announced it earlier in the summer — what a great way to expand the conversation around the need for diversity in the books we read and write! Hop on over to her blog and please, join the conversation!

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Redefining Disability2

What is Redefining Disability?

Redefining Disability is an interactive blogging project I developed in order to promote better representation for people with disabilities in the media. It began as a 14 post blog series about television and movie characters with disabilities. When that ended, some readers suggested that it would be helpful have posts that were geared more toward writing and developing solid, authentic characters with disabilities and including them in meaningful ways.
Discussing the series with another blogger, I realized that there is a need to talk about advocacy, self-determination, and empowerment in broader context.

How will it work?

Beginning in September 2014, I’ll be posting short stories that feature some of my own characters who have disabilities. Along with the stories, I’ll also make topical posts about things like

  • Common clichés.
  • Introducing and discussing concepts about disability.
  • Handling sexuality.
  • Adaptive equipment/assistive technology
  • And more.

My goal is to…

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