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The trouble with my ideas is that sometimes they get out of hand.  They may start as a silly idea, then I begin to invest in them, and then they run away with me.

This idea is one of them.  And, honestly, I kind of love it.

Perhaps it is because I’ve been reading too many books, and watching too many movies and tv shows where there is a “Season.”  Basically translating to “a specific amount of time where all the rich people go to London to hobnob.”

I am most certainly not able to be counted in the “rich people” category, but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan!  (and… scheme!)

My understanding is that within “The Season” there are a number of different events and going-on’s, hosted  by a bunch of different people, and of course not everyone participates in every event.  And I want to facilitate a “we can hobnob without leaving the comfort of our computers” Season! (Fancy dress optional).

I’m going to create a page for this Season, but need some help.

I know I am looking for:

  •  People who are running “events” : this can be everything from a short-term blog hop, a special discussion you want to host on your page, something I haven’t even thought of yet….   I’d like to make the page that I’m creating into a calendar of events, including not just things I might host on this page, but links to all sorts of other “events” happening.
  • People who want to participate in events, even if they aren’t hosting (because lots of people participating makes it more exciting!)
  • Ideas for events!  Have something you’d like to see happen?  A vague idea of something that could be cool?  But not sure that you want to organize it?  Share the idea, and maybe we can find someone else willing to make it go — or to turn a seedling of an idea into something full-fledged.
  • A name for this particular “Season” of celebrations… names are always a challenge for me… and the one I used above seems a little long.  Surely we can put our collective minds together and come up with something more creative….

What else?  I’m sure there are other things that have slipped my mind… share those too!

Here is what I have… so far. Continue reading

An amazing rainbow in a fountain -- I loved spotting this treasure!

A Peek Into my Writing Life

Stephanie, over at Twenty-Something Travel, invited me to participate in the Writing Blog Hop.  What fun!

I love the opportunity to explore questions about my writing style and process.  It’s fun to share them, and to hear what other people have to say in response to the questions, but it’s also good for me.  Forcing me to think about what the answers are, and to re-evaluate my process.

1) What am I working on/writing?

I am currently trying (emphasis on trying) to get ahead of the game in both this blog and Disparate Threads.  Because I would really like to be able to start diversifying a bit.  I have a novel (or…five….) that are clamoring for my attention.  I’ve been starting to move into some good habits around my writing, which should serve to get me far enough ahead of things that I can start putting aside time to work on my other writing.  By the end of 2014 Continue reading


If We Were Having Coffee (5)

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy this feature?’s supposed to be a beautiful day here today, so let’s grab our coffee outside.  Enjoy the sun before it gets too hot today, and before it starts spending its days tucked behind the clouds.

I’m actually looking forward to a somewhat laid-back week and weekend coming up.  Today I feel kind of like I’ve been running a marathon, it seems like there’s just been so much happening.

This week I spent much of my time wrangling HTML, fonts, and wording.  At work I’m working on a manual about my job, and also helping revamp our webpage so… lots of word-crafting, and playing with HTML to get pages how I want them.  On top of that, I’ve been coming home and finding myself wrangling more layout and HTML over on Disparate Threads – I have a vision for how I want things to work, and realized that I have enough content now that I can start creating the bones for that vision… and hopefully Continue reading

Celebrate the Small Things… so necessary! (6)

So… this morning.
As I pried myself out of bed and tumbled into the shower I grumbled about how it was still dark outside.  And how, though the Northern Lights may well be visible from where I live tonight, it would mean staying up later than I may be able to stay awake.  Why do all the cool things happen when I need to be sleeping?

As I made breakfast I grumbled about the fact that construction near my normal bus-stop means I will have to do more walking and have a far less convenient time grabbing groceries I need on my way home tonight.

As I got off the bus, I grumbled in my head a sarcastic apology to the guy sitting next to me who seemed greatly inconvenienced by the fact that he had to pull his face away from his phone to stand up in order for me to get off at my stop.

As I waited in line at my coffee cart, I grumbled in my head about the high-schoolers who were spending far too long figuring out what they wanted to order — and how the other coffee place I like is now going to be replaced by a Starbucks, and how long the lines are at everything now that school is back in session.  And how it’s theoretically fall (I mean, school is back in session, and the leaves are falling from the trees) but it’s still hot outside and I can’t wear sweatshirts to work anyhow.  And….

It was about then that I decided that today I seem to be caught somewhere between being a crotchety old person and a three-year-old desperately in need of a nap,

Perhaps time to step back and participate in one of those weekly blog-hops that I enjoy, Celebrate the Small Things.  Hosted by VikLitDiana Wilder, LG Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge, Katie @ TheCyborg Mom, and CaffeMaggieato @ mscoffeehouse.  This is a time to celebrate those little (and sometimes not so little) things in life. Continue reading

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